Democratic Coin Under New Management

Sending and receiving payments has never been simpler.

Designed for use in the real world

iCoin is a digital currency designed to suit the specific needs of consumers and investors alike – a currency that is widely accepted and practical to use for a growing list of products and services in everyday life.

Fast global transactions

Waiting for your funds has become a thing of the past. Transactions execute instantaneously, any time, anywhere.

Security that meets rigorous standards

Privacy and peace of mind are the very foundation of why iCoin was created. You can feel confident sharing your wallet address publicly. Transactions occur anonymously, and are confirmed through a decentralized peer-to-peer public ledger. The only set of eyeballs on your wallet are your own.


Establishing trust is our number one priority

We know community adoption is the most important aspect of building up any virtual currency. We are here to provide for and facilitate your needs. However, we don’t aim for total influence on your iCoin journey. Your ideas and your requirements will never be met by any team of developers, no matter how large and dedicated it is. In other words, you have total freedom in how you want to use iCoin whether it be accepting, investing, purchasing or saving.

The following are projects we are currently working on.

New wallet design

Various games

Merchant adoption